Engflick 2015 Finalists

Congratulations to all those who have submitted an entry for the engflick 2015 competition. The judges had a hard time, but the finalists have been decided. The winners will be announced at the sold out Sydney YEA event on Wednesday, 16 December 2015.
Watch the finalists below:


Engineering- No Problem Too Big or Too Small by Anthea Duffy

Engineering – Everything, Everywhere by Edward Rose

Engineering: No Problem Too Big or Too Small by Courtney Lum

I Know I Can by Stephanie Robson

A Short Film About Engineering by Michael Taran

Engflick 2014

engflick 2014 was the second year that the engflick competition was held and the entries were fantastic! 2014 saw the competition grow with film-makers taking the challenge to make a short film with the theme: “A better world with engineers”.

The competition literally saw people travel around the world, and it also provided an opportunity for the community to ponder if it really is a better world with engineers. In 2014 was the first time the competition required an object to be present within the film, and this saw creative interpretations of the inclusion of a globe.

Despite the many finalists, the judges had a tough job on their hand to chose the winners. The winners were announced and shown at the Engineers Australia Convention 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria.



Engflick 2013

Young Engineers Australia took on the challenge of developing a short film competition about engineering. With Engineering enlightenment, cash prizes and the simple theme of “Engineering Elevator Pitch”, the community rose to the challenges and the winners are shown below: