No Problem Too Big or Too Small

In 2014 the engflick competition was all about “A better world with engineers”, but coincidently each winning video showed that no matter how big or small, engineering can help solve the problem. Which is why 2015 is all about the theme:

“Engineering – No Problem Too Big or Too Small”

If you have been struggling to brainstorm your own interpretation for your 2015 engflick video entry, then check out the 2014 winning videos.

From the “smallest of smalls to the biggest of bigs. Engineers continue to grow the world we live in.” Madura Senadeera with his 2014 3rd place video showed that no matter the scale, engineering has a role to play:

How do engineers take what appears to be an impossible task and solve the problem? Well Jake Coppinger with his 2014 2nd place video shows some insight into the process that engineers take to tackle problems of various difficulties:

More importantly, engineering is all around us. Big or small, most human made objects have involved some form of engineering. A fact that is demonstrated by the 2014 1st place winners by David Hodges, Samuel Rees and Tom Merrett:

Hopefully after viewing the 2014 engflick winners you have gained some inspiration and insight.

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