You have your story, plan of events, people and even the cameras… now comes the fun part of filming and calling for “Action!”

Filming is not easy and can be time consuming process to accomplish what feels like a minor event. Some professional productions might have hours of footage just for a 15-second advertisement. However, no one expects you to be a professional. So here are some tips for filming.

Try and film the same scenes from different angles so that when you edit, the audience will have different things to look at. If you only use one camera, film the same scene several times from different angles. Be prepared to have hours of footage for what will be your final 5-minute film.

Harness the Power of Light

Without light, your video won’t be visible. Light helps guide the viewers’ eyes and helps establish a mood for the scene. List below you’ll find three ways that you can hardness the power of light for your next production.

  1. Use the Sun
    A huge, free light source is just outside – the sun. Although the light from the sun can be harsh at times, look for cloudy or overcast days to provide a soft, even lighting for your subjects. Or, find an area with shade to shoot your scene at. You can also open a window in a house to allow the sun’s powerful light indoors!
  2. Bounce the Light
    Especially during the day with direct sunlight, the light outside can be quite harsh. To fill in the shadows caused by the sun, use a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject. This can be an actual video/photography reflector, a piece of foamcore board, or even a white pizza box.
  3. Turn on the Lights
    Look around your house: Are there any lamps? Room lights? Flash Lights? Work Lights? Bring these lights to the set and use them to light your subject.

Get creative! Use the light on your phone to provide an edge light for a close-up shot. Open a white image on your computer screen to emit a big soft light onto an actor who is typing away on the keyboard. There are tons of ways to get your scene lit so look around and see what you can come up with!

Capture Great Audio

The audio in your video is just as important as your video. With these four tips, you’ll be able to capture better sounding audio – even if the only audio recorder you have is a mobile phone.

  1. Consider the Location
    Is the location you are at noisy? Are the walls reflective? DO voices sound reverberated in the room? Are there outlets for equipment? Choose a location that will yield the best results for your productions.
  2. Quiet on Set!
    Once at a location, turn off all things that can cause a noise. While recording videos, turn off all phones. Also, unplug any appliances, like refrigerators or an air conditioner, that cause unwanted noise.
  3. Get the Recorder as Close as Possible
    When using any audio recorder, whether it’s a fancy Zoom device or an iPhone, get the recorder as close to the sound source as possbile. This will assist in capturing clean audio and reducing unwanted noise.
  4. Clap to Provide Sync Points
    Assuming you are using a separate device to record audio, you will need to sync up the audio from the external recorder with the video file. To make this super easy, begin recording on both of the devices. Then, clap a single time on camera to provide an audio waveform spike. In the editing program, just align the two clap spikes on top of each other, erase the video’s audio track, and then you have synced audio.

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